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This Week In Brussels : Welcome To Fashion Food

28 Nov

The ones who think fashion and food are not compatible might want to reconsider. Indeed, when the media tells us girls (very skillfully) to keep our mouth shut, some really clever people prepare the return in our lives of Gastronomy… Bless them!

10th Edition Of Fashion Food In Brussels

Fashion Food, the Art of Gatronomy Show, will be celebrating this year it’s 10th edition! Come the 2d and 3rd of December at Tour & Taxis and discover the most famous chefs who represents Belgian Gastronomy.
These include prestigious names such as Yves Mattagne (Sea Grill), Gaetan Colin (Jaloa), Giovanni Bruno (Senza Nome), La grande Ecluse, L’Impératif, La Quincaillerie, Ricotta & Parmesan, La bonne du curé and Pierre Marcolini. Bon appétit! Continue reading


Tie And Dye Your Hair : Very Rock’n Roll!

26 Nov

Drew Barrymore

Hot Scarves For This Winter

26 Nov

When it’s night at 5pm, your hair’s electric, your heels slip like clumsy penguins on ice-floe and you’re still waiting for the invention of street-heating; it’s about time to start making the most of the Winter…
This is when fashion happens to make your life better, again, bringing out a range of wearable duvets we name scarves.

This F/W, according to strongly relevant sources, the scarf to wear will be what they call SNOOD, meaning circle or tube scarf, that simply doesn’t have an end. So you just toss it around your neck like a necklace and then you can wrap it around a couple of times or drape it to make a funky shape… It’s gonna be so much fun.

Tube scarf unknow, too bad

Continue reading

Lanvin Loves H&M… Do We?

25 Nov

It was announced last month and it arrived on Nov 23rd in the stores : the collection of Lanvin for H&M is now all ours to take home! All over Europe, on Tuesday from 5am on, fashion lovers were standing in gigantic queues to be the first ones to touch the Lanvin collection and make sure to get the few items they had spotted in the media…
But, as long as I’m concerned – and with all due respect to the artistic director Alber Elbaz, it can stay right where it hangs as the mix of Lanvin and H&M hasn’t convinced me one bit! The idea was to revisit some classics of the French couture house in a fun and modern way for the “general public”. Well, personally, I think they had a bit too much fun…

So, I started thinking why I was so excited at the first place when I heard about this collaboration… I just wanted to be given the opportunity to have a couple of nice garments designed by a couture house that had somehow a magical touch and whose creations were timeless. Well, dream big! The collection seems to come right from a WaltDisney movie and it might dress you for New Year’s Eve but will probably not be appropriate any other night of the year…

Besides, when did Lanvin start being trendy? To me they’re the one ready-to-wear luxury brand that avoids the trends’ influence and focuses on flattering every woman’s beauty, which is what makes their collections special.
Anyway, thanks for nothing guys, I left H&M all confused and with empty hands thinking that the day I’m wearing some famous designers’ clothes isn’t going to happen soon…

Fashion Turkey

25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

I Didn’t Fall, I Attacked The Floor.

25 Nov

Mila Schon show, Milan

Gimme a hand...

When model after model takes a spill on the runways, it’s half-surprising. Not surprising because they’re fed a bottle of champaign and a small salad a day and they’re “shod” 25 centimers high heels but surprising for the serious and focused atmosphere on a fashion show… Demonstration. Continue reading

ASOS : “Launch Your Fashion Legacy”

25 Nov

“Anyone can buy & sell fashion on ASOS Marketplace. Welcome to the fashion democracy.”
Great news! ASOS has launched this week its own Marketplace platform that implies that for £50 per month, everyone has now access to an account manager at ASOS.

The concept is simple : the site allows the vendors to trade from their own virtual market stalls to worldwide customers, sharing the same platform. The difference with other virtual Marketplace is that each brand/designer/boutique/individual can customize their shop front. They are also encouraged to photograph their stock in “Street Chic style”.

Caren Downie, womenswear buying director at ASOS, comments: “Through Marketplace we can offer another level of support to emerging designers where they can access two million customers worldwide. Similarly, selected boutiques, vintage collectors and individual sellers will also be able to reach a much wider audience of fashion lovers. It fits perfectly into our creation of an online fashion destination.”

If it sounds like another excuse to experiment shopping in a new fun way, it is also a good way to earn it back: “Individual sellers can sell their ‘wears’ directly back to the Marketplace community. Open your wardrobe to the world and create your own fashion legacy. Your ‘too tights’ are another’s ‘just rights’. Don’t leave a good buy behind; style it up, sell it on, let it fund your next fashion find.” … We sure will!

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