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Every Look Needs Flawless Foundations

31 Mar

Yummie Tummie, On, Also In Black


Prism : Eyewear

31 Mar

The Prism Eyewear line which began in 2009 as an eyeglass frame firm moved into new territory with their unisex sunglass offering. The collection features five different shapes (Rio, Paris, London, NY, Rome)  in a variety of color takes.

The inspiration for PRISM was as varied as American 50s and 60s vintage frames and the style on the streets of Stockholm, to the clean lines of Mexico City’s Bauhaus architecture.

Here is a selection of my favorite pairs:







See the stockists list here, not available in Belgium but in Paris at:

213 rue Saint-Honore, 75001 Paris, France

18, rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie
75004 PARIS

Zara Color Heels

30 Mar

Zara Heels, Collection SS11 (Photo : Canned Fashion), 11cm, 99,95€


90s Babes

28 Mar

They were fit -but not underweight- healthy and sexy : the one thing to be remembered about fashion in the 90s is definitely the supermodels!

Cindy Crawford Hervé Leger Catwalk 2003

Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen, Hervé Leger Catwalk 2005

Claudia Schiffer Modeling Chanel Bikini, 1995

The Style Of A Queen

20 Mar

Il paraît que c’est dans cette petite tenue que Kate a séduit le Prince William lors d’un Charity Fashion Show à l’université. Le fait que la fameuse “robe” ait été récemment vendue par sa créatrice, Charlotte Todd, pour £78,000 est  juste un peu moins choquant que la tête de chiffon que la future reine affichait ce soir là, ainsi que le grand exploit de son coiffeur..!

Charlotte Todd's Super Chic Transparent Dress...

Solidaritees For Japan

19 Mar

Simeon Farrar whose label is known for original T-shirt design, is giving everyone the opportunity to get their hands on one of his Kate Mouse Tees (So popular that they had a waiting list of 300 back in December) in exchange of a donation of £20 to support the Save The Children’s emergency Japan appeal.

“Since I began my label I’ve had such immense support from the Japanese market and over the years I’ve forged such strong relationships with our shops and their customers. I was due to fly out to Tokyo this Sunday for a ten-day sales trip but this was cancelled at the last minute due to the deepening crisis following last week’s earthquake,” explained Farrar to Vogue UK.

Visit to make your donation. (only available in the UK)

Simeon Farra's Kate Mouse T-Shirt For Japan


13 Mar

We won’t go unnoticed this Spring : fluorescent colors and flashy patterns are all over the stores’ windows. Nothing we didn’t know about – if we’re a minimum into fashion, but now time has come to try them on… Here’s my favorite (first) selection:

Caroline Biss Spring 11

Mer Du Nord, Spring 11

All Saints Aztec Dress and H&M Spring Collection


8 Mar

It’s too depressing to see we’re already the 8th of March (in 30 minutes, the 9th) and I still haven’t written a single post this month. Although, I promise, I’m buying magazines that I just have time to tear and recycle, I “read” fashion newsletters (check the images, catwalks, new collections, same old…), I look at the stores windows when stuck in the traffic, and I try to squeeze as much information in my little fashion brain as possible  to get a great creative idea but I’m just not in the mood to write anything.

For my “defense” (conscience), smelling the spring in the air is like a new beginning that brings up more resolutions to me than all NY’s eves, birthdays, friends’ weddings, Bar Mitzvas (… and any other occasion when life’s tick tock meets alcohol) combined; and that takes some time to process. Uhuh…

So here I am : staring at life for a moment and waving at you. Be back soon 🙂

Clémence Poésy, So Calm And Cute

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