8 Mar

It’s too depressing to see we’re already the 8th of March (in 30 minutes, the 9th) and I still haven’t written a single post this month. Although, I promise, I’m buying magazines that I just have time to tear and recycle, I “read” fashion newsletters (check the images, catwalks, new collections, same old…), I look at the stores windows when stuck in the traffic, and I try to squeeze as much information in my little fashion brain as possible  to get a great creative idea but I’m just not in the mood to write anything.

For my “defense” (conscience), smelling the spring in the air is like a new beginning that brings up more resolutions to me than all NY’s eves, birthdays, friends’ weddings, Bar Mitzvas (… and any other occasion when life’s tick tock meets alcohol) combined; and that takes some time to process. Uhuh…

So here I am : staring at life for a moment and waving at you. Be back soon 🙂

Clémence Poésy, So Calm And Cute


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