Summer rocks!

19 Jul

Ever felt douchy wearing a flower dress in July? A tick in the box for me, the first of many…

Sincerely, I deeply admire weather chameleons. As long as I am concerned, when it’s summer (in the calendar) but actually feels like “rainy sunday” every day of the week, my fashion instinct just loses it.

I can’t help it, thick waterproof fabrics, anti-slip boots and scratchy sweaters are unthinkable parts of my summer plans!

Result : I end up wearing a dozen of layers (pretty much half of my summer closet) in a dubious combination of colors and shapes, hoping the sun will come out any minute and let me breathe!!

And, let’s face it, a guy called Murphy will probably make it happen the day I will undo my winter boxes and let wool and velvet back in my drawers.

In the meantime, to see the bright side of the neverending rain and drop in temperature, at least we skip feeling guilty for the pre-summer diet we totally screwed up (again), we don’t get pervy looks and talks everytime we step out, and we might even avoid the typical summer flings that are usually the consequences of fair-weather euphoria, alcohol in the sun and not wearing much clothes from the beginning – leading us to anything but good surprise and raise of self-esteem.

So thumbs up! to the fashonistas who adjust to any possible circumstances and situations and for the rest (incl. me) let it rain and flood our fashion identity.

Anyway what happens in the summer, stays…

Photo : ELLE Italia April 2011 Rain Girl – Elyse Saunders by David Burton


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