Calvin Klein Drops The F Bomb on Soho billboard

1 Aug

You didn’t see?

Some eagle-eyed, right-thinking patriots in lower Manhattan have blown the lid off a subliminal advertising scandal. The offender is this Calvin Klein billboard at East Houston and Lafeyette, which sneakily spells out the word FUCK, if you look closely enough. The C and K are featured in the brand’s logo, but you have to hunt a bit for the F and U. The table in the background forms the F. The bikini bottoms of the scantily clad heroin-chic model suggest the letter U…

But it’s all good. We’ll give the brand points for consistency. Because when you think about it, the brand really hasn’t changed its course much at all since it taunted us teasingly with the 15 year old Brooke Shields back in the day.



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