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Blue It

4 Feb

Thandie Newton@InStyle Best Of British Talent Party Wearing Jonathan Saunders “Wenlock” Silk Dress In Putty Blue

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A Glance At The Spring-Summer To Get Us Through The Winter

12 Jan

I haven’t posted SS11 colorful pieces in a long time and now that Xmas lights are gone, I thought we might need a little sparkle to get us through this damn long winter…

Asos SS11

These heels look like you could jogg in them and not even sweat, drive a sport car with them and not even crash it, climb up 6 sets of spiral stairs and not even miss a step, steal a kiss from your boyfriend and not even have to jump or break his neck… everything but walk on water or fly.

"Ceci N'est Pas Un Birkin", The Together Bag From Thursday Friday

The New York Times Style Magazine describes it as a “screen-printed tote featuring a likeness of Hermès’s iconic Birkin bag”, which is pretty close to the original idea its designers, Roni Brunn and Olena Sholomytska, had in mind when they conceived it.  The Thursday Friday duo wanted to design a bag that would be used for everything, including the groceries.

“We realized that we were using an extra bag to supplement our ‘real’ bags,” Sholomytska says. “So we ended up with a surreal design that references luxury but is ultimately an anti-status status symbol.”

It’s a bit like the straw bags last summer, that you could use for the beach, the city, the market, shopping… But as trendy as they became they never got close to be it-bags, which seems to already be the case for this Together Bag, as there’s a growing waiting list populated by fashionistas dying to get the new cool (and cheaper) “Birkin”.

You can get it in blue, red and camel for only $35.00. More details here.

Asos SS11

Anyway, let’s not look for the sun yet, nothing better than confort fashion to cheer us up… Besides, that gives us time to get this belly back inside before we get to put on fancy skinny clothes.

Timeless Kitsch Fashion, Spiral Mag 09

10 Jan

Spiral Magazine July 09 - Photographer: Matthew Rader, Pamela Reed, Model: Paul Pavlovska, Stylist: Nikki Igol

Fashion Clown (click on it to see the creepy look)


Paper Looks

8 Jan


For the recall…


Fashion To The Bones

4 Jan

Abbey Lee "Lovely Bones" In Vogue Korea April 2010 Issue, Shot By Rafael Stahelin

I’m happy as a bird but I must admit I have a little crush on dark fashion, skull head and skeleton accessories… But only in small dose and with the right purpose. Check it out…

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Look Book

23 Dec

I just discovered a great website, LOOKBOOK, where anyone from anywhere can upload a photo of their look giving the details of each item… A great way to get style inspiration that doesn’t require to go through a thousand blogs and end up with the boring everyday look anyway because it’s too much work. I find it a really cool concept – even on a cultural level as they get daily posts from Osaka, Amsterdam, Warsaw,… Check it out!


Cute Guy From Milano

Lolita Style From Malaysia

Rock Chic Style From Germany

The Fashion Blogger From Paris

And The Pneumonia Style From Germany

Phoebe Philo’s Femininity

21 Dec

Celine’s creative director reinvented here Tux Redux as a  strapless jumpsuit. Phoebe wore that look at the British Fashion Council Awards where she was choosen as the Designer of the Year.

Velvet In My Closet

15 Dec

A few days ago, I had a crush on one of Nicole Richie‘s looks, all from her second line, Winter Kate. I analysed more the picture and I managed to come down to ONE item that I would really die to have in my closet (very interesting exercice btw, more or less the same idea as “you end up alone on an island, you can keep just ONE thing – what do you choose?): her georgous blue velvet shorts.

Winter Kate, Saxon Velvet Short, $ 165 (sold out)

Then I saw Alexa Chung created the same shorts for her collection forMadewell and got all happy on my fashion island… But where will I find my winter shorts? …

Alexa Chung for Madewell, $88 (sold out!!)

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to that question yet, but I’m working on it… Instead, I bought velvet black leggings, because they were 30% off and also because I thought if I’d get really desperate I could cut them shorts.

Velvet Leggings (Remember... leggings are not pants)

Today’s Cool Look On The Blogosphere

14 Dec

I had a look at the Kingdom Of Style very inspiring blog and bumped into this photo shoot staring the author’s great look, here’s a foretaste…

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The bra on the first photo is Nichole de Carle‘s Onxy Last Testament bra… divine!

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