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Femme Fatale’s Secret Weapon

27 Jun

The Dutch jewelry designer Ted Noten has made a group of handgun-shaped compacts as part of a series he calls “Seven Necessities” which made its debut at Gallery Rob Koudijs in Amsterdam and was recently shown at Art Basel by the Ornamemtum Gallery of Hudson, N.Y.

Each faux firearm is devoted to a different cosmetic giant, Dior and Chanel among them, and includes a lip gloss in the muzzle, various pills (including Viagra) in the loading chamber, 100 grams of certified silver bullion in the Dior gun clip (50 grams of 24-karat gold in the Chanel), a toothpick and, in some models, a hairpin and a small vial of perfume. The guns also conceal a 4GB thumb drive for snapshots, personal data and corporate secrets…

Needless to say, if planning to encounter any situation in which one’s belongings might be scanned, like air travel, jury duty or hip-hop discos, the provocative object is best left at home…

The owner is also advised to exercise caution around female impersonators, lest her weapon be wrested away and used against her…

The white Dior gun will set a girl back 8,000 euros, or about $11,500. The black Chanel gun, however, costs over $17,000.


My Shopping Chic N’ Cheap…

24 Apr

Robe Asos 45,92€

Robe Asos Beige

Short En Peau Top Shop 77€

H&M Conscious Collection 19,95€

TALLY WEiJL Ceinture 7,95€, Bustier Biquini 6,95€, Sac 15,95€, Longue Jupe 19,95€

Mango Sac A Main 39,90€

Mango Sac A Main Rouge 39,90€

Marion Godart Boucles D'Oreille Résine 45€

Lunettes France, une trentaine de sortes de solaires entre 25 et 35€, malheureusement beaucoup sont sold-out!

Marc Philippe Coudeyre, Designer To Discover

7 Apr

Designer of the first NATAN collection for Edouard Vermeulen, the young designer MP Coudeyre has launched his own ready-to-wear line last year and I discovered his FW 11-12 collection during the press days at PURE.

Here is a selection of my favorite pieces from his lookbook which I find visually amazing and so sophisticated…

Koi Collection FW 11-12

Avalon Collection FW 11-12

Black Renaissance FW 11-12


Fine Lingerie For Valentine

8 Feb

The belgian designer Katrien Van de Sompel, recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK), has already proved her amazing talent in the lingerie collection Repeat & Again & After & Me.

All in satin and fine material, girdles and corset are designed to make women curves look at their best… Contact her for more information.

New Opening : Honor

4 Feb

The designer behind the NY-based label, Giovanna Randall, will be opening a shop in the Meat Packing Distric on February 22.

I just discovered the brand and the way the designer describes her approach to woman’s pleasure and the concept behind her work cought my attention:

“I started asking myself, ‘What do you think Sophia Loren’s couch looks like?’ or ‘What kind of typewriter would Grace Kelly have used?”

It’s almost like creating a character and a whole world around it.  Also, Randall says: “I fantasize about coming by the shop and being able to pick up a lovely party dress and wonderful bouquet of flowers en route to a friend’s birthday dinner.” Crystal clear, Randall’s dream is to turn Honor into a multidimensional lifestyle brand… Could that be the future of fashion?

Source : The New York Times Style Magazine

All The Ladies…

2 Feb
(En Français ci-dessous)

While the world is sucking up my inspiration and energy- because life is NOT supposed to be easy, get over it – I got a present in my mailbox this morning that calmed down my passing frustration : The Fashion File. (Technically it was not a surprise as I bought it myself online)

So this “thing” is actually a book – or better said a bible – written by the costume designer of Mad Men, Janie Bryant. Inside, you find endless tips and advice on how to find our own leading-lady style, specific to the show’s characters and to the new trends that naturally followed.

I didn’t get to read much yet but only glancing through it already inspired me so much! To conclude the praise of this little treasure, here are the top ten pieces every woman should own – according to Janie:

1. A great pair jeans

2. Tailored blazer (be sure to choose a fine fabric like velvet, corduroy, tweed of gabardine)

3. Sleek pencil skirt (pairs well with boots, pumps, sweaters, jackets and blouses)

4. Designer knee-high leather boots

5. Fantastic coat (the 1st impression you make when you arrive at a party or event)

6. Modern-day dress (sophisticated but comfortable)

7. Sexy cocktail dress

8. Classis cardigan

9. T-shirts (a great tee can easily and inexpensively update a look)

10. A pair of chic shoes from the current season

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Look Book

23 Dec

I just discovered a great website, LOOKBOOK, where anyone from anywhere can upload a photo of their look giving the details of each item… A great way to get style inspiration that doesn’t require to go through a thousand blogs and end up with the boring everyday look anyway because it’s too much work. I find it a really cool concept – even on a cultural level as they get daily posts from Osaka, Amsterdam, Warsaw,… Check it out!


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