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Fashion Through The Genders

6 Feb

Always pushing the fashion boundaries further and further, the boldest designers even managed somehow to disrupt the genders.

The metrosexual style (metropolitan/heterosexual) that arose in the 90’s, brought up a whole new concept of male fashion freedom. Which has, in the course of time, become too common to be interesting for the fashion ground-breaking creatives.

The natural next step happened recently, with mixsexual models hitting the front scene of fashion shows and magazines. When Vivienne Westwood was presenting her fall/winter 2011-12 collection putting boys in lipstick on to the catwalk, Jean Paul Gaulthier had the same transsexual model parade on the menswear catwalk and a week later, to close the couture’s show as the collection’s bride.

Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 2011-12

Transexual Model Andrej Pejic

“Jean Paul Gaultier mixed his gender messages still further, dressing bearded male models in fishnet tights and shorts – as well as floor-length skirts – alongside über-masculine, gun-carrying men in James Bond-inspired tuxedos”, it reads in VOGUE article about JPG’s menswear collection.

The same model, Andrej Pejic, posed with Karolina Kurkova in the ad campaign, in a tribute to androgenous looks.

Karolina Kurkova & Andrej Pejic

This new fashion phenomenon is also proudly showcased on the covers of the magazines.

Kate Moss & Transsexual Model Lea T's Kiss On The Cover Of Love Magazine's Androgyny Issue February 11

And celebrities join the movement, flirting with “the other side”, cross-dressing for fashion publications. As here below, action film star James Franco, photographed dressed as a woman for the cover of Candy magazine, in the same month that he appeared on the cover of US GQ, December 2010. Mr. Franco, shot by Terry Richardson, vamps in trowel-applied makeup, heavy jewelry and a woman’s dominatrix-style power suit.

James Franco In Candy Mag and US GQ December 2010 Issue, Photo Terry Richardson/Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

Even if it may look a little creepy sometimes, remodeling testosterone and oestrogen to confuse the pursuit of identity and to mix messages gives way to a real fascination and brings another dimension to the art of fashion…


McQueen’s Winged Death’s Head Items Hunted Down…

14 Dec

Hell's Angel

Last month was discussed a fashion lawsuit including our dearest designer Alexander McQueen and a bunch of old-fashioned  moutache bikers, the Hell’s Angels. The latters were accusing the British fashion house of misusing its trademark winged death’s head symbol.

Problem solved the ugly way a few days later as they had already reached an agreement – most probably the quickest settlement in the fashion world. Also mischievously complicated…

Hell’s Angels lawyer Fritz Clapp told WWD “as part of the settlement, the three companies (McQueen, Saks and Zappos) named in the lawsuit have agreed to remove the items from their stores and destroy them.” But that’s not all. According to Clapp, the companies have “also agreed to recall merchandise that has already been sold and destroy it.” In other words, the three companies will have to hunt down the customers who bought the items of that special collection – which is feasible if they are bought online, but otherwise can be very tricky. However, it’s possible that taking the appropriate steps to get the items back will be considered good enough. Continue reading

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