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Fashion Compliment

16 Feb

Lucky Blake Lively got the new pair of Louboutin named after her! And Vogue UK relates the cheesy fashion story…

“I went to [Louboutin’s] atelier and I was walking around, like every shoe here is so beautiful and I saw this one pair and I said: ‘I’ve never seen anything like it,'” Blake told Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa on their show Live! With Regis and Kelly. “He said: ‘Do you love it?’ I said: ‘I want to sleep with it under my pillow every night’ and he said: ‘We’re naming it the Blake then.’ It was insane. It’s like my greatest accomplishment.” Isn’t that inspiring?…

Ultimate fashion privilege or big marketing use? She probably doesn’t care, and neither do we. However, noone will turn a fashion piece into a legend like Birkin or other real charismatic women can have in the past – but it’s fair to give “everyone” a chance…


Gaga’s New Vogue Edito Shot In Belgium – For What It’s Worth

12 Feb

Mario Testino photographed US Vogue’s cover with Lady Gaga for their March issue. The shooting took place last november in the Royal Museum of Fine Art in Antwerp.

Inside the magazine, she poses surronded by Thierry Boutemy’s floral creations.

I think that she does great videos but looks tacky as a truck driver’s tattooed arm, and boringly ordinary on paper – whether she’s shot by a lame paparrazi or by one of the Gods of photography, Mario Testino.

Why do celebrities always assume they’re so polyvalent!?

All The Ladies…

2 Feb
(En Français ci-dessous)

While the world is sucking up my inspiration and energy- because life is NOT supposed to be easy, get over it – I got a present in my mailbox this morning that calmed down my passing frustration : The Fashion File. (Technically it was not a surprise as I bought it myself online)

So this “thing” is actually a book – or better said a bible – written by the costume designer of Mad Men, Janie Bryant. Inside, you find endless tips and advice on how to find our own leading-lady style, specific to the show’s characters and to the new trends that naturally followed.

I didn’t get to read much yet but only glancing through it already inspired me so much! To conclude the praise of this little treasure, here are the top ten pieces every woman should own – according to Janie:

1. A great pair jeans

2. Tailored blazer (be sure to choose a fine fabric like velvet, corduroy, tweed of gabardine)

3. Sleek pencil skirt (pairs well with boots, pumps, sweaters, jackets and blouses)

4. Designer knee-high leather boots

5. Fantastic coat (the 1st impression you make when you arrive at a party or event)

6. Modern-day dress (sophisticated but comfortable)

7. Sexy cocktail dress

8. Classis cardigan

9. T-shirts (a great tee can easily and inexpensively update a look)

10. A pair of chic shoes from the current season

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Crystal Renn : New Muse Of Zac Posen

28 Jan

Crystal Renn, the ex-anorexic reconverted into a plus-size model, embodies the perfect muse for fashion and the designer Zac Posen is aware of this ultra sexy power of hers!

Here she is for the Spring 11 collection, inspiring and stunning – even if she appears to have lost weight again, she’s still got the curves to rock the clothes, that are also pretty hot!

Good, good job!


RED Carpet

26 Jan

While they were both matching with the Golden Globe Awards‘ carpet, the two Mad Men icons seemed to be competing for the most glamorous red look… January Jones was wearing a Versace low-cut dress and Christina Hendricks, a Romona Keveza romantic silk crepe dress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The two actresses looked undeniably stunning, however -to me- Christina (Joan) is way more attractive and feminine that any other Hollywood beauty.

My admiration is such that I even ordered online the book The Fashion File, written by the serie’s brilliant costume designer, Janie Bryant, where she gives tips and advice on the famous Mad Men look. Even though I love the confort casual chic because it enables me to move as much as I want, I think it’s inspiring to absorb different kinds of styles and let them travel in our heads… A sort of fashion fresh air that makes the rest a little lighter 🙂 Have a nice day!

Karl Lagerfeld A-muse

13 Jan

Sécurité Routière En France

Notre chéri à la queue de cheval blanche et épaisses lunettes noires, Karl Lagerfeld, s’était collé à la publicité en 2008 pour nous conscientiser sur le port du gillet jaune trop dégueu en cas d’incident routier.

Le voilà à nouveau grande égérie d’une campagne publicitaire, mais cette fois pour nous vendre Das Auto, les nouveaux modèles Polo et Golf de Volkswagen, devant lesquels il s’extasie appareil photo à la main dans un allemand des plus glamour… Bref, fidèle à lui même.

Das Auto

Ci-dessous, Das Video

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A Special Man, The Sartorialist

8 Jan
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