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Summer rocks!

19 Jul

Ever felt douchy wearing a flower dress in July? A tick in the box for me, the first of many…

Sincerely, I deeply admire weather chameleons. As long as I am concerned, when it’s summer (in the calendar) but actually feels like “rainy sunday” every day of the week, my fashion instinct just loses it.

I can’t help it, thick waterproof fabrics, anti-slip boots and scratchy sweaters are unthinkable parts of my summer plans!

Result : I end up wearing a dozen of layers (pretty much half of my summer closet) in a dubious combination of colors and shapes, hoping the sun will come out any minute and let me breathe!!

And, let’s face it, a guy called Murphy will probably make it happen the day I will undo my winter boxes and let wool and velvet back in my drawers.

In the meantime, to see the bright side of the neverending rain and drop in temperature, at least we skip feeling guilty for the pre-summer diet we totally screwed up (again), we don’t get pervy looks and talks everytime we step out, and we might even avoid the typical summer flings that are usually the consequences of fair-weather euphoria, alcohol in the sun and not wearing much clothes from the beginning – leading us to anything but good surprise and raise of self-esteem.

So thumbs up! to the fashonistas who adjust to any possible circumstances and situations and for the rest (incl. me) let it rain and flood our fashion identity.

Anyway what happens in the summer, stays…

Photo : ELLE Italia April 2011 Rain Girl РElyse Saunders by David Burton


The Show On The Cover

3 Apr

In a previous post, Fashion Throught The Genders, I went through a few mixed-sexualities cases happening in the Fashion world. It seems it has become “trendy” to confuse the “audience” showcasing ambigous scenes or role-playing on the covers and in the catwalks.

Again recently, the 19-year- old Serbian Australian model Andrej Pejic appeared on the cover of French Photo magazine topless and perfectly transformed into a stunning blond girl.

Shocking or just modern?

I wonder how this deliberate sexual confusion can influence, on one side, fashion in term of creation; and the other side, the “audience”* in its perception of the image of women/men’s bodies they get from the media?

Indeed, if we admit the fashion marketing is based on the creation of identies that most people will intend to adopt, what can be the message behind this kind of photos and where does that leave us, the final consumers?

Thank you to the friend who brought my attention again on this topic, and I’d love to hear more comments if you wish to share!

Andrej Pejic For French Photo, March 2011 Cover

* any alternative to this word you’d think of would be welcome ūüėČ


8 Mar

It’s too depressing to see we’re already the 8th of March (in 30 minutes, the 9th) and I still haven’t written a single post this month. Although, I promise, I’m buying magazines that I just have time to tear and recycle, I “read” fashion newsletters (check the images, catwalks, new collections, same old…), I look at the stores windows when stuck in the traffic, and I try to squeeze as much information in my little fashion brain as possible¬† to get a great creative idea but I’m just not in the mood to write anything.

For my “defense” (conscience), smelling the spring in the air is like a new beginning that brings up more resolutions to me than all NY’s eves, birthdays, friends’ weddings, Bar Mitzvas (… and any other occasion when life’s tick tock meets alcohol) combined; and that takes some time to process. Uhuh…

So here I am : staring at life for a moment and waving at you. Be back soon ūüôā

Clémence Poésy, So Calm And Cute

Dear Lover,

12 Feb

I can compromise on your fake leather jacket that make you feel like a rock star, your red kisses print underpants, your old Scottish multicolor scarf that looks like tired floorcloth and maybe even on your Superman T-shirt. But, I won’t follow you anywhere if you ever wear these:

Basket Chuck Taylor All Star Thong Sandal, Converse

And I mean it.


La Chasse Et La Cueillette : Anc√™tres Du Shopping

5 Jan

Le Panier Moderne

En bonne cueilleuse dans l’√Ęme (les chasseurs sont les hommes, historiquement), force m’est de constater que l’√™tre-humain (si j‚Äôose nous mettre tous dans le m√™me panier) n’a pas tellement √©voluer en mati√®re de consommation. En effet, quand on y pense, le shopping moderne reste toujours bas√© majoritairement sur le comportement instinctif. Rien de nouveau l√† dedans.

Ce que j’ignorais, c’√©tait la distinction comportemental entre les deux types de consommateurs (la femme et l’homme) qui d√©coule de leurs r√īles √† l’√Ęge de pierre. Dans le cas de la femme, cueillette suppose une approche plut√īt intuitive et opportuniste de se procurer un bien. Elle demande de se fier √† son intuition pour flairer le bon endroit ou pousse les meilleurs fruits et implique donc tr√®s peu de planification.

A la différence des chasseurs qui prennent plus de plaisir à chercher longuement et attendre le bon moment pour attaquer leur proie et dont les actions peuvent donc être qualifiées de planifiées.

Du coup, quand la petite cueilleuse moderne est attir√©e par un produit selon son conditionnement, sa pr√©sentation en point de vente et le design du magasin; les chasseurs intemporels, eux, auront besoin d’avoir l’impression qu’ils ont trouv√© une proie qu’ils ne peuvent vraiment pas laisser passer, gr√Ęce √† des r√©ductions ou lots de plusieurs produits, par exemple.

Et cette parenth√®se marketing, o√Ļ nous m√®ne-t-elle?! Continue reading

Beauty Is In The Confidence

4 Jan

Mad Men Is Bringing Real Women Into Fashion

(In English here below)

Pour 2011 je pensais commencer l’ann√©e pour une fois avec une r√©solution qui pourrait avoir une dur√©e de vie sup√©rieure √† une semaine et qui ne constituerait donc pas une menace trop sanglante pour mon sens de la d√©faite – d√©j√† bien rod√©, merci.

J’ai eu le d√©clic en d√©vorant la premi√®re saison de Mad Men (√ßa a commenc√© par une simple curiosit√© vestimentaire…), qui met en sc√®ne des femmes au style tiptop et respirant la f√©minit√©.

M√™me si je ne troquerais pas mes box pants contre leurs jupes √©troites, ni mes wedges contre leur talons filiformes; je changerais volontiers mes complexes de non-squelettique (et oui, j’aurai une longue vie saine et de bons os, la g√™ne) avec l’assurance irr√©sistible de Joan.

Non seulement elle assume sa rousseur et la rend m√™me √©blouissante, mais surtout elle d√©gaine fi√®rement des formes ultra-voluptueuses dignes d’une sculpture de Botero.¬† IN-SPI-RING!

En 2011 donc, essayons de garder le sourire et de profiter de la vie en assumant notre corps tel qu’il est/est devenu car c’est l’allure qu’on lui donne qui compte vraiment…

Crystal Renn, Elle Canada

Continue reading

Happy Xmas Holidays!

24 Dec

From Vogue Hellas (Greece)

Dear Readers and Friends! I wish you all a merry Xmas and wonderful Holidays in the snow – if you’re as “lucky” as I am!

I will be back on the 3rd of January for more news, gossips, tips and discoveries! I will start writting in French too, to double the fun!

I send you my best wishes for the New Year!! May it be creative, challenging and peaceful, full of Love and Lightness, with as much Fashion as you want and above all enough difficulties to keep it interesting and to become wiser and wiser!

Be the best version of yourself and keep on dreaming big, and it will all be ok ūüôā



2011, D-10

21 Dec

It’s time to sit and look back at 2010 and the events that have influenced our lives this year.*

I must admit I didn’t care so much about fashion until 2010 – well I did all my life in an indirect way, which is why I have no savings account – but¬† this year, I wisely and intently immersed in this fascinating creative universe where colors, shapes, proportions, fabrics and the combinations of all of that makes something that somehow “designs” our identity and defines who we are.

But who can define fashion?

Fashion is an easy fleeting therapy – which is probably one of the reasons why it’s so addictive – and it has the power to make us believe that a change of look will change us inside.

However, fashion has got exceptions, some icons who don’t meticulously follow the trends because their personality is stronger than the flow of fashion. In fact, I wish I could look at the fashion world through their eyes because they represent what most inspires me in this movement of¬† permanent pursuit of style

All that could be a start for an possible definition… but the nature of fashion is to be constantly redefined.

*…First good thing of 2010 that I will take to 2011: this blog that I created because a patchwork of ideas and sensations suddently grew in my mind and I wanted to share them with anyone who’d find them interesting… Thank YOU!

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