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Paris Men Fashion Week Spring 12

26 Jun

Walter Van Beirendonck

Behind the scene, by Kevin Tachman and Sonny Vandevelde


Walter Van Beirendonck

Dior Homme

Dries Van Noten



John Galliano

Viktor & Rolf

Kris Van Assche

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The Relashionship Bracelets

10 Jun

Two french guys, Matthieu Stefani and Ralph Feingold, launched these status/looking for bracelets. Everything you need to know to make the right move…

Relationship Bracelets, Buump, 5,99€ for 5, 9,99€ for 10

Relationship Bracelets, Buump, 5,99€ for 5, 9,99€ for 10

My Shopping Chic N’ Cheap…

24 Apr

Robe Asos 45,92€

Robe Asos Beige

Short En Peau Top Shop 77€

H&M Conscious Collection 19,95€

TALLY WEiJL Ceinture 7,95€, Bustier Biquini 6,95€, Sac 15,95€, Longue Jupe 19,95€

Mango Sac A Main 39,90€

Mango Sac A Main Rouge 39,90€

Marion Godart Boucles D'Oreille Résine 45€

Lunettes France, une trentaine de sortes de solaires entre 25 et 35€, malheureusement beaucoup sont sold-out!

Shopping For The Good Cause

12 Apr

After their Conscious Collection (made of organic cotton), H&M releases a sporty Unisex Collection to raise money for the association of Designers Against Aids. This is actually the fourth year of H&M’s FAA initiative, which aims to promote safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness both through the messages found in the collection and through the advocacy of the organisations which benefit from the sales (25% of the earnings will be donated).

The starting point is shape and detail, with sporty T-shirts, blousons and parkas that are there to be personalised: sleeves can be rolled up or zipped off, waists can be belted and garments totally adapted from one item into another. Comfort is a key factor and colours are naturals as well as pale pastels which means they can be worn by all…

The collection will be available in Europe from the 26th of April.

Pants : 39,95€

T-Shirt : 19,95€

Leather Jacket : 129,-€

T-Shirt : 24,95€

Leggings For Men

22 Feb

Empori Armani tente ce printemps d’introduire la tendance legging dans les vestiaires des hommes, mais y parviendra-t-il vraiment? Les pantalons slims ayant été complétement “décomplexés” peut-être se fera-t-on à l’idée aussi, un jour, de voir les jambes  musclées des garçons galbées dans du nylon… Ou pas. En tous cas, le jour où on en trouvera dans les rayons hommes de H&M on saura que ça y est, le legging sera officiellement asexué.

Quoiqu’il arrive, autant les filles qui oublient d’associer leur pair de collants opaques avec une jupe ou équivalent passent encore (mais c’est quand même très limite), autant les mecs il vous sera sérieusement interdit de pousser trop loin le confort du legging…

Blue It

4 Feb

Thandie Newton@InStyle Best Of British Talent Party Wearing Jonathan Saunders “Wenlock” Silk Dress In Putty Blue

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Jean-Paul Gaultier En Cancan

30 Jan

Lors de la Fashion Week à Paris l’enfant terrible de la mode a présenté sa collection printemps-été 2012 – qu’il décrit comme “un mélange de punk, de cancan et haute couture”.

Un défilé sans musique mais avec la voix de Catherine Deneuve pour orchestrer l’entrée des mannequins que le créateur a achevé en saluant son public coiffé d’une grande crête turquoise…

Crystal Renn : New Muse Of Zac Posen

28 Jan

Crystal Renn, the ex-anorexic reconverted into a plus-size model, embodies the perfect muse for fashion and the designer Zac Posen is aware of this ultra sexy power of hers!

Here she is for the Spring 11 collection, inspiring and stunning – even if she appears to have lost weight again, she’s still got the curves to rock the clothes, that are also pretty hot!

Good, good job!


TOP SHOP Spring Collection : Seventies Revival

23 Jan

The British brand gives a hippie touch to its SS 11 collection. Long and baggie, colorful and flowery, relax and light but most of all feminine, here is an foretaste of the sunny days ahead…

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A Glance At The Spring-Summer To Get Us Through The Winter

12 Jan

I haven’t posted SS11 colorful pieces in a long time and now that Xmas lights are gone, I thought we might need a little sparkle to get us through this damn long winter…

Asos SS11

These heels look like you could jogg in them and not even sweat, drive a sport car with them and not even crash it, climb up 6 sets of spiral stairs and not even miss a step, steal a kiss from your boyfriend and not even have to jump or break his neck… everything but walk on water or fly.

"Ceci N'est Pas Un Birkin", The Together Bag From Thursday Friday

The New York Times Style Magazine describes it as a “screen-printed tote featuring a likeness of Hermès’s iconic Birkin bag”, which is pretty close to the original idea its designers, Roni Brunn and Olena Sholomytska, had in mind when they conceived it.  The Thursday Friday duo wanted to design a bag that would be used for everything, including the groceries.

“We realized that we were using an extra bag to supplement our ‘real’ bags,” Sholomytska says. “So we ended up with a surreal design that references luxury but is ultimately an anti-status status symbol.”

It’s a bit like the straw bags last summer, that you could use for the beach, the city, the market, shopping… But as trendy as they became they never got close to be it-bags, which seems to already be the case for this Together Bag, as there’s a growing waiting list populated by fashionistas dying to get the new cool (and cheaper) “Birkin”.

You can get it in blue, red and camel for only $35.00. More details here.

Asos SS11

Anyway, let’s not look for the sun yet, nothing better than confort fashion to cheer us up… Besides, that gives us time to get this belly back inside before we get to put on fancy skinny clothes.

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