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Leggings For Men

22 Feb

Empori Armani tente ce printemps d’introduire la tendance legging dans les vestiaires des hommes, mais y parviendra-t-il vraiment? Les pantalons slims ayant été complétement “décomplexés” peut-être se fera-t-on à l’idée aussi, un jour, de voir les jambes  musclées des garçons galbées dans du nylon… Ou pas. En tous cas, le jour où on en trouvera dans les rayons hommes de H&M on saura que ça y est, le legging sera officiellement asexué.

Quoiqu’il arrive, autant les filles qui oublient d’associer leur pair de collants opaques avec une jupe ou équivalent passent encore (mais c’est quand même très limite), autant les mecs il vous sera sérieusement interdit de pousser trop loin le confort du legging…


Fashion Through The Genders

6 Feb

Always pushing the fashion boundaries further and further, the boldest designers even managed somehow to disrupt the genders.

The metrosexual style (metropolitan/heterosexual) that arose in the 90’s, brought up a whole new concept of male fashion freedom. Which has, in the course of time, become too common to be interesting for the fashion ground-breaking creatives.

The natural next step happened recently, with mixsexual models hitting the front scene of fashion shows and magazines. When Vivienne Westwood was presenting her fall/winter 2011-12 collection putting boys in lipstick on to the catwalk, Jean Paul Gaulthier had the same transsexual model parade on the menswear catwalk and a week later, to close the couture’s show as the collection’s bride.

Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 2011-12

Transexual Model Andrej Pejic

“Jean Paul Gaultier mixed his gender messages still further, dressing bearded male models in fishnet tights and shorts – as well as floor-length skirts – alongside über-masculine, gun-carrying men in James Bond-inspired tuxedos”, it reads in VOGUE article about JPG’s menswear collection.

The same model, Andrej Pejic, posed with Karolina Kurkova in the ad campaign, in a tribute to androgenous looks.

Karolina Kurkova & Andrej Pejic

This new fashion phenomenon is also proudly showcased on the covers of the magazines.

Kate Moss & Transsexual Model Lea T's Kiss On The Cover Of Love Magazine's Androgyny Issue February 11

And celebrities join the movement, flirting with “the other side”, cross-dressing for fashion publications. As here below, action film star James Franco, photographed dressed as a woman for the cover of Candy magazine, in the same month that he appeared on the cover of US GQ, December 2010. Mr. Franco, shot by Terry Richardson, vamps in trowel-applied makeup, heavy jewelry and a woman’s dominatrix-style power suit.

James Franco In Candy Mag and US GQ December 2010 Issue, Photo Terry Richardson/Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

Even if it may look a little creepy sometimes, remodeling testosterone and oestrogen to confuse the pursuit of identity and to mix messages gives way to a real fascination and brings another dimension to the art of fashion…

RED Carpet

26 Jan

While they were both matching with the Golden Globe Awards‘ carpet, the two Mad Men icons seemed to be competing for the most glamorous red look… January Jones was wearing a Versace low-cut dress and Christina Hendricks, a Romona Keveza romantic silk crepe dress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The two actresses looked undeniably stunning, however -to me- Christina (Joan) is way more attractive and feminine that any other Hollywood beauty.

My admiration is such that I even ordered online the book The Fashion File, written by the serie’s brilliant costume designer, Janie Bryant, where she gives tips and advice on the famous Mad Men look. Even though I love the confort casual chic because it enables me to move as much as I want, I think it’s inspiring to absorb different kinds of styles and let them travel in our heads… A sort of fashion fresh air that makes the rest a little lighter 🙂 Have a nice day!

The Neo-Luxury…

11 Dec

…Understand : fashion change of direction. Indeed, this Winter brings back the former luxury and elegance in the shape of puffball and below-the-knee skirts, collar-knot blouses, evening clutches,… and the return of noble material.

The trend-setter of this season seems to be Marc Jacobs who has created for us a Real Lady closet far from the big “prêt-à-porter” chains’ approach of “buy and throw out“.

The real values are back in a fashion world where the “it girl” will be more prone to change boyfriends than handbags!

Over-styled then it will be! Besides, the mass retailers are adapting well to this new concept of luxury transposing it to another range of prices accessible to everyone. For example, H&M and GAP work on capsule collections with luxury brands such as Lanvin and Valentino, which has proved to have a huge buzz effect and to give a higher fashion credibility to the brand.

Also, another movement that embraces this modern luxury trend is the emergence of two special values: ecology and ethic. Far from an eco-freak/cheap approach, it’s just about the respect of our planet and the eco-conscious fashionista will make sure to buy clothes made of organic material such as Stella McCartney’s. A respectable marketing trick to make us feel not only beautiful in our brand new outfit, but also smart and in full control of our buying choices!

The new era appears to bring together an old and a new way to consum fashion: back to a genuine classic wardrobe and ahead with modern fabrics and manufacture, as well as recycling clothes – which I’ll go back to later!

Chanel Paper Bag

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