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24 Jul

Sad loss of such a unique talent that in many ways transcended music, fashion, and culture May you finally rest in peace.


Amy Winehouse remembered, Vogue UK


Hogan By Karl Lagerfeld

22 Feb

Have you ever wondered what a pair of sneakers cross-bred with cowboy boots would make? Karl Lagerfeld has. And because he doesn’t like to remain in a doubt, to his credit, he created these weird sneaker-wedge-cowboy boot things in collaboration with THE sneakers master, Hogan (they already had worked together for a FW 10-11 collection)…

Also, because he really hates us to dress casual without a special fashion touch, he created this pair – that I find rather cute:

Already in the stores (where you’ll have to go to find out how much they cost because I couldn’t find any price indication online)

Marc Jacobs Collection Fall 11 : NY Fashion Week

20 Feb

I was intrigued by this combination of metallic and shiny material and a flair of the 40’s. Check it out:

I was intrigued by this combination of metallic and shiny material with an inspiration of the 40’s

Spring/Summer 11 Campaigns

30 Jan

My favorite advertising campaigns for Spring/Summer 2011…

LOUIS VUITTON, Models Freja Beha Erichsen, Raquel Zimmermann and Kristen McMenamy, Photo Steven Meisel, Art Dir. Marc Jacobs

For this campaign, the French brand captured the decadent oriental glamour (theme of the label’s catwalk show in October) in a sparkling 1970s-influenced décor. “We arrived at something which I would compare to the Eiffel Tower lighting up every hour on the hour – something of artifice that is just so gorgeous, and glamorous, and beautiful, that you are completely mesmerized by it”, relates LV Artistic Director Marc Jacobs. Also, the colors and textures of the clothes give a futuristic touch to the campaign, directing three “bad girls” that seems to deliver a riposte to the three “good girls” of the demure Fall/Winter 2010 campaign. (Source : Fashion Reporters)

DIOR, Model Klarie Kloss, Photo Steven Meisel, Art Director John Galliano

Steven Meisel, again, shot for Dior a Fifties-style pin-up in this South Pacific-themed S/S collection. (Source :

FENDI, Model Anja Rubik, Photo Karl Lagerfeld

This fashion campaign, shot by Karl Lagerfeld in a picturesque setting akin to a work of art, features the Fendi woman in bold colors or dramatic shapes for the spring. Just like the Fall/Winter campaign, this one seems inspired by the artwork of the American realist painter and printmaker Edward Hopper. (Source : Fashion Gone Rogue)

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From Prada To Nada

29 Jan

A new girly movie – far from being a masterpiece but a hungover sunday confort without a doubt.

Dior On YouTube

12 Dec

Dior recently launched an interactive platform to offer us a numeric dive into their fascinating world!

Go to and see the latest videos of the prestigious label’s fashion shows, interviews, make-up and beauty tips, behind the scenes,…

Fashion Book

8 Dec

Mark Tungate, a British journalist and writer specialist in the media, is the author of this great book about why and how the Fashion Industry is the way it is and what are the strategies behind it. I like it because I find it interesting to read the analysis of a writer who had no idea about fashion before writing his book and therefore doesn’t assume the reader will intuitively understand what he’s talking about. It’s clear and simple, and at the same time very complete. Good potential Xmas gift (to yourself)!

Fashion Brands, Branding Style From Armani To Zara

Fashion Turkey

25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

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