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The Show On The Cover

3 Apr

In a previous post, Fashion Throught The Genders, I went through a few mixed-sexualities cases happening in the Fashion world. It seems it has become “trendy” to confuse the “audience” showcasing ambigous scenes or role-playing on the covers and in the catwalks.

Again recently, the 19-year- old Serbian Australian model Andrej Pejic appeared on the cover of French Photo magazine topless and perfectly transformed into a stunning blond girl.

Shocking or just modern?

I wonder how this deliberate sexual confusion can influence, on one side, fashion in term of creation; and the other side, the “audience”* in its perception of the image of women/men’s bodies they get from the media?

Indeed, if we admit the fashion marketing is based on the creation of identies that most people will intend to adopt, what can be the message behind this kind of photos and where does that leave us, the final consumers?

Thank you to the friend who brought my attention again on this topic, and I’d love to hear more comments if you wish to share!

Andrej Pejic For French Photo, March 2011 Cover

* any alternative to this word you’d think of would be welcome 😉

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